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Make the most of Flare!

If you're looking to make the most of your Flare investment, a few hours of consulting up front can save many hours of writing and development time later. We can work with your team members anywhere in the world, or, you can let us do all the architecture, writing, and design, and put your mind at ease with a turnkey system. Enterprise software? Logistics? Engineering? Mission-critical systems with no margin for error? Done that, more than twice.

We'll get you started on the right path, right now.

I'm Jack DeLand. Creating Help systems and online docs has been my passion for over 20 years; you may have seen me on a speaking tour some time ago. I discovered Flare several years ago and knew that this was something special. Now I work through MadCap Software and my own company to spread Flare goodness around the globe. You'll discover a lot of power in Flare, and many ways to harness it. I've helped some outstanding clients do just that, and can help you succeed in your quest, too.