Matt Fleagle
Senior Tech Writer,
Meteorcomm LLC

“Jack provided the expertise we needed to migrate our entire workflow from a Word/PDF model to generating single-sourced print and online documentation using Flare. He brought the right balance of strong, well-defended opinions and a willingness to do things the way we wanted even when he disagreed. Jack is easy to work with and is particularly good at perceiving the root of an issue when we might be unable to clearly articulate it. I chalk this up to a combination of his years of experience and his being a good listener. He delivered on all the milestones we agreed to and the final product, which was a unified Flare project that accommodates all of our various kinds of documents along with a written set of procedures (with plenty of screenshots) for taking the work forward on our own and getting the most out of our Flare implementation. I recommend him to any group that needs a super-knowledgeable Flare consultant.”

Darryl Barlett
k-Space Associates, Inc.

“We contracted with Jack DeLand to re-architect our help documentation for 20 individual products. He convinced us to convert to MadCap Flare, and it was the right decision. Jack is an expert with Flare, and put together a fantastic project architecture for us, all the while keeping our end goals in mind. And the work was done in record time.”

dennis ladd
nationalization manager,

“Jack helped us at SAP deliver a product-wide knowledge management system at a critical juncture in our company. He understands how to deliver product information for the biggest impact. We are delighted in his contribution to our product.”

Joseph Rock
technical writer,

“Jack DeLand is the most efficient and well-organized manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I worked with Jack at NextHop Technologies and was impressed by his ability to immediately implement policies that provided needed structure to our procedures, while still maintaining an informal and pleasant working environment. He is the sort of documentation manager I'd love to work with again.”

shanon mcgraw
recruiting manager,
writing assistance, inc.

“Jack DeLand was delightful to work with. His pleasant personality and dedication to his writing career make a dynamic combination while creating quality documentation. His talents allow him to clearly define objectives, then provide clients with effective ways to achieve their goals. Jack is an asset to have and I hope to work with him again very soon.”