Online documentation and Help system consulting, design, and production

  • Consulting means advice on how to do it, following an analysis and assessment period. Some things just take longer than others, but you can cut down on wheelspin with a little help.
  • Our interpretation of design includes everything from the UI elements to the architecture of the file system. We go right down to the pixel-edit level in our craft, and will prototype system architectures with you as we go.
  • Production includes any step beyond the design stage, leading to a finished, thoroughly tested project. A turnkey project includes the design phase as well.

Word and FrameMaker conversions to Flare

Ah yes, that legacy content!  This takes time and thorough planning. We help you choose the best course for a smooth transition, then dig in and create clean, finished XHTML for your Flare project.

How we work

  • On site or remote
  • From soup to nuts or just good, solid advice once you've made progress
  • Topic-based, minimalist development approach
  • Agile (scrum) scheduling designed to fit your needs
  • Reasonable accommodation for clients in all U.S. and European time zones

Best-value packages of design, project development, and follow-on training /consulting

If you're just starting with Flare, this is probably your best alternative. We custom fit the effort to meet your needs all around, to ensure your continuing success. You can begin at a more sophisticated level, with detailed directions on how to maintain a complex system on your very first outing.

Flare training

Our Flare training uses the official MadCap course books, but you can also customize the sessions to your needs. Custom sessions are best performed onsite, but don't have to be. The main thing is to get you comfortable and up to speed at your own pace, with learning you can use immediately.